Exercise is the most important component of a healthy lifestyle. Vigorous (for ones fitness level) and regular physical activity is the only way to ensure that the body is well fueled and is properly metabolizing and processing all of the healthy sugars and other nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

Attempting to eat a healthy diet but then sitting on the couch all day is a recipe for disaster. Diet and exercise are two aspects of health that cannot be separated from each other. A healthy lifestyle includes a consistent attention to physical fitness and motion. Strength, flexibility, stamina, and coordination should all be a focus.

Without this, the sugars being consumed will wreak havoc, creating a foggy mental state, a “loopy” feeling, and unbalanced emotions. This point cannot be over-emphasized. Healthy food fuels an active body and poisons an inactive body.

Adequate exercise ensures that caloric demands are great enough to require the consumption of a quantity of food that will meet the nutrient needs of the human body. If one is inactive, and because of this inactivity only requires a minimal caloric consumption, then one will be undernourished as a result and symptoms of ill health and deficiency will be inevitable.

Exercise also ensures that the nervous system, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, and the endocrine system are functioning at an optimal level. All of these systems function best in an environment where demands are being placed on them. The saying “use it or lose it” applies here. Without exercise, these bodily systems will become weak and inefficient, eventually degenerating to a point where health is jeopardized.

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