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Being aligned with your life’s purpose is crucial to your success, health and wellbeing in the long run. Livelihood as a factor for success is very closely related to the environment you expose yourself to on a day to day basis.

If every other aspect of one’s life and environment may be in order, yet one’s employment and livelihood may render true success as impossible. Most people, at a minimum, are spending 30-40 hours per week in the course of their employment and these hours can take a heavy toll. Spending the majority of each day surrounded by gossip, unrewarding labor, loud machinery, or toxic chemicals is simply not an option on the path to living your life’s purpose.

Aligning yourself with your life’s purpose involves facing reality head-on, staring it in the eye, and dealing with it on a mature and courageous level. It is for adults who are ready to maintain their responsibilities to family, community, work, and to their own life’s purpose. There are very, very few people who can maintain their responsibilities while going through the challenges of creating the necessary factors for success. If Aligning with your life’s purpose is your goal, it is best to focus on reality as it is. The greater the focus that is applied to what is, the higher the likelihood that you will be one of the few who will succeed.


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