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Wellness Pop-Up

Wellness Pop-Up

It was an honor to be invited to speak about healthy eating habits at work at the BMO Wellness Pop-Up

We all know how challenging maintaining wellness can be especially with personal and professional demands placed on us on a day-to-day basis

Bank of Montreal organized a Wellness Pop-Up for all their employees and it was a pleasure to be invited to a speak at the event. At BMO wellbeing is an important aspect of their corporate culture.

Listening to employee stories, seeing how wellness is integrated at BMO was exciting and heartening. Now I realize why BMO is ranked as the number two employer in Canada. Feeling gratitude for being a part of this awesome wellness culture at BMO.

To all those who are challenged with personal and professional stress, I encourage them to go for healthy eating habits, and aspire to spend the majority of their time in an environment that supports their wellbeing.

Incorporate movement in your daily life. Without a vigorous level of physical activity, one cannot maintain a  healthy lifestyle. Even the most cursory examination of the human body will reveal that our species is made for movement, and our biological foods are in sync with that aspect of ourselves.

Last but not least ensure that you get adequate rest. Enough sleep is the foundation that everything else rests upon. Many people who are under-slept become more and more immature and they begin to take foolish risks or become over-reactive to normal experiences.  As long as the amount of rest in one’s life is in balance with the demands being made upon one’s body and mind, the body can recover from remarkable amounts of stress.

The more stressful (both emotionally and physically) one’s life is, the more rest will be required. There is nothing more enjoyable to the body and the psyche than a deep, restful sleep. Ironically, though, sleep is something that many people find impossible to get under control, and are often highly resistant to.

If all the other factors in one’s life are well organized and planned but sleep is given short shrift, eventually, emotional and physical turmoil will be the result. During deep sleep, the brain is reorganizing and recharging every cell in the body, and it is building the connections between neurons that are learning and processing from the day’s experiences. Without adequate rest, everything else is worthless, because the body will become worn down and sick, unable to maintain the process of rejuvenation at a pace fast enough to stay ahead of the physiological processes of daily life.

My suggestion to anyone who wants to experience optimal health is to focus on what you eat, how much you sleep and move your body! Go for health! Focus on it, maintain it and sustain it on a day-to-day basis.


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